Recently Departed

Please pray for the souls of…

Florence Hogarty 10/18/2021
Sharon Omey 10/7/21
Vilma Francesconi 7/29/2021
Harold “Hap” Giacomini 5/19/21
Jean Harper Lorenzetti 6/9/21
Frank Sanchez 5/8/21
Thaine Bell, Jr. 6/11/21
Dr. Jim Hercher 6/19/21
Dennis Grate 2/18/2021
Mary Cudney 2/ /2021
Rev. Mathew Ittiyaparra 1/18/2021
Richard “Dick” Kerr 1/16/2021
Lynn Creaghe-Hayhurst 11/9/2020
Msgr. Gerard Brady 12/01/2020
Ben Benzonelli 09/21/ 2020
Bertha Yost 9/2/2020
Arlene Mitchell 08/25/2020
Bettye DeHennis 4/26/2020
Mary Grinsell 03/03/2020
Ernest Ingraham 1/13/2020
David Durbin 01/13/2020

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the intentions of…

Jacob Rivera, Ahron Jurney, Olga Day, Eain Graham, Timmerman Family, Kenneth Burns & Family, Vickie B., Jean Murphy, Nikkie,Beth Jordan, Donald Whitehead, Millie Perrone,Star Salazar, Barbara, Shawn, Laurie Moralez, Marilyn Ziblich, Chad Kryla, Anderson Family, Judy Mill, MonikaRose Cleenewerck, Basil & Santos Mainus, Chet Branum, Denise Sledge, Armado De Los Santos, Julia Walters,Connie Mather, Steve Mill, Fred Pepper& Family, Erin Ford, Paul Shabata & Family.

Prayer Line

Calling for People Who Want to Pray: Would you like to be a member of our parish telephone-tree Prayer Line? Members receive and pass along prayer requests, and pray daily for the special intentions of anyone who has called to ask for prayer. We keep requests confidential. Please call Toni @ 707-445-3616 if you are interested in this ministry.

St. Bernard Parish
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