Religious Education/Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation

An Adult Faith Formation and Certification series is frequently offered through the Santa Rosa Diocesan Office at St. Bernard Catholic School in Eureka. This series is designed for our Catechists, Teachers and Principals, although others may attend. For more information, contact the Diocese of Santa Rosa.


An Invitation to Quench Our Deepest Longing. The human heart seems ultimately to manifest itself in the desire to be loved and to love in return. Until then, as St. Augustine said, our hearts are restless until they rest in God who is Love. As Catholic Christians, we are privileged to share God’s love through Mass, the sacraments and how we live our life.

Do you know someone thirsting for God? Do you know someone not baptized or baptized in a different Christian tradition thirsting to know what it means to be Catholic? Do you know someone already Catholic but who has not yet received Confirmation or the Eucharist? They may be thirsting, too!

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a place to ask questions and seek understanding about our Catholic faith. We would love for you to invite anyone you know who thirsts for the God who loves them. For more information, please contact Ann Lynch at 707-443-6741 or call the rectory office at 707-442-6466.

Religious Education for Children and Youth Grades K-Confirmation (Previously CCD)

Coordinator: Kim Farrell 707-442-2233 or email:


  1. Religious Education will be with at-home instruction by the family.
  2. We hope to have Catechists that are willing to be available for questions after Masses once per month and to call the families assigned to them once or twice a month to check in. If you would be comfortable filling this role, please let us know what age range you prefer to work with. If you do plan to volunteer this year, please remember to update your training. If you or your family are concerned about Covid, please do not feel obligated to volunteer.
  3. Registration forms for the families are here, in English y en Espanol, to be turned into the church offices.
  4. For English, we will be sending Baltimore Catechisms to each family that enrolls, and to you as well if you are interested in assisting in this way. For Spanish, we are still researching options to keep the programs as similar as possible. This is a solid but simple reference text that families can keep to help them walk their children through at home education. Our Faith and Life series is still our main text, but during at home instruction, this text is much easier for parents.
  5. We hope to be able to return to in-person instruction as soon as more regulations are lifted and most people feel safe to gather in large groups. Please spread the word for people I may not have email addresses for and those that may be willing to be new to the volunteer role this year. We hope you and your families have a beautiful Labor Day weekend. Stay prayerful, stay safe, stay happy!

PLEASE NOTE: The Sacrament of Holy Communion may be received as early as the second grade, and the Sacrament of Confirmation in the seventh grade. Both Sacraments require proper education, spiritual formation and life within the Church. Thus, a two year preparation period is recommended by the Diocese.

Safe Environment

The Diocese of Santa Rosa, in accordance to the USCCB “Charter for the Protection of Young People” provides a Safe Environment Program entitled “Circle of Grace.” This is presented as a supplement to the religious education curriculum. Click here for parent information regarding the ‘Circle of Grace Program.” and Click here for general information for parents. View the Diocesan website for Child and Youth Protection.


Confirmation Classes for children 7th-12th grade. If you or a loved one is between 7th grade and 17 years old, now is the perfect time to join us! Please leave a message with Deacon Dance at (707) 442-2233 or email at, and clearly say that you are interested in Confirmation. Leave your name, the name of your child, and your phone number. Deacon will contact you soon regarding classes! Updated information 10/18/20 here.

St. Bernard Academy

Eureka has an award-winning Catholic school for grades 7 to 12, with excellent religious and academic instruction as well as many extracurricular activities.

Diocesan Events

A variety of lectures, workshops and retreats are offered through the Diocese of Santa Rosa. Click here for more information, or view the Diocesan website. or visit the Diocesan Department of Religious Education or Youth Ministry.

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