St. Bernard Catholic Parish  
Eureka, California

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rest of the church.  In addition, we have plans to install a Fire Suppression System to help protect
this elegant  wood structure, which is deeply rooted into the history of our community, its
parishioners, and our faith.

All of this preservation and restoration comes with a substantial price. Please continue to
contribute to the "Gallon by Gallon Fund", or make a direct contribution designated "Restoration of
St. Bernard Church".  View our
donation page for other ways to assist our parish.
Summer 2010

St. Bernard Church

The woodwork and the
have been restored and
New lighting has been
installed in the aisles.

The focus is now on the areas behind the statue of St. Joseph,
followed by the area behind the Blessed Virgin.

Structural cracks are being repaired, and intricate painting is taking
place, being careful to preserve the stenciling.

In addition,
Automatic door openers have been installed at both
St. Bernard and St. Joseph Church.
We are pleased to be able to assist our parishioners,
particularly those with mobility disadvantages.