The Vestibule   


Old water leaks left the walls stained and cracked, with the plaster crumbling and falling. The woodwork and the carpet were
showing considerable wear.


The wall have been re-plastered and painted a warm golden color. The woodwork has been restored. The floor has been tiled.
Eureka, California

St. Bernard Catholic Parish  
Eureka, California

St. Bernard Church
6th and H Street

St. Joseph Church
Henderson and C Street
St. Bernard Church   - Painting and Repair

Fall - Winter 2009

Phone:  (707) 442-6466                                            Mail to: 615 H Street, Eureka, CA  95501                                       Fax: (707) 443-0914
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The Choir Loft

Work in progress.............      (click on any picture to enlarge)

Scaffolding has been erected. The walls are being painted and the woodwork is being restored. Also note: the arches are
being returned from a painted to their natural wood appearance.
Work to be done downstairs...........

The walls need painting, the pews need refinishing, and the floors need to be replaced. Suggestions are accepted as to
whether or not we should return all of the arches to their natural wood appearance. The question of installing a sprinkler
system remains.  Please speak to your pastor,
Finance Council or Parish Advisory members.