St. Bernard Church
6th and H Street

St. Joseph Church
Henderson and C
Eureka, California

St. Bernard Catholic Parish  
Eureka, California

Phone:  (707) 442-6466                                            Mail to: 615 H Street, Eureka, CA  95501                                    Fax: (707) 443-0914
There are many ways to donate to our Parish and ministries. We thank you in advance for your financial

Weekly donation: Most of our parishioners receive weekly donation envelopes in the US Mail. These
envelopes arrive about every 4-6 weeks. Included with your weekly contributions are envelopes for
'special collections'. All of these envelopes can be placed in the collection baskets at weekend Masses,
or can be mailed to the church. If you are not receiving your weekly envelope, please contact the parish

Gallon by Gallon:   An ongoing fund that is specifically designated for painting, restoration and repair of
our churches. Gallon by Gallon envelopes are on the tables in both churches. They can be deposited in
the collections at Mass or mailed to the church.
See special inset below.

Electronic Credit / Debit Card:  For your convenience, we accept donations through your bank card.
This can be done on a regular monthly basis, or a one-time transaction. Please call the office to make

Leave a Legacy: "You can't take it with you" does not mean "you can't leave it behind as you wish". One
of our important obligations as stewards is to provide for the needs of loved ones, charities and church
after our death. Consider one of these options which may assist our parish, and leave your legacy for
many years to come.

  • Do you have a will?  Have you reviewed & updated it recently?  Now may be the  perfect time to
    contact your attorney about your estate planning, and perhaps naming St. Bernard Parish as one
    of the recipients.

  • Many persons bought life insurance when they were raising children and needed that added
    protection.  Today they may not need the policy.  By naming St. Bernard Parish as both the owner
    and beneficiary of the policy, they can receive a charitable deduction, be rid of the policy, and
    benefit the parish.  Or, if they continue making premium payments, they are tax deductible!  Check
    with your insurance agent for details.    

  • A relatively new way of making a planned charitable gift is for the donor to designate our parish
    and other charities as the recipient of a personal IRA account or other retirement account.  Talk to
    your tax preparer or financial advisor about how you can “leave a legacy” through a retirement

  • The tax code provides many legal ways of protecting our estate from excessive taxes. Consult your
    financial advisor on ways of assuring that your estate passes on to your heirs, charities, and
    church, with minimum taxation.                                      

Images of
St Bernard of
To maintain the historic St. Bernard Church, we have been in the process of renovating, painting, and
refurbishing the inside of the building. We have recently installed a Fire Prevention System (inside
sprinklers) to help preserve this historical landmark,
and have future plans for more painting and new flooring.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Please designate them as
"St. Bernard Restoration",  or 'Gallon by Gallon".