St. Bernard Catholic Parish  
UPDATE 3-17-20    4:00 PM

Due to the Coronavirus / Covid-19
All Masses and Church related activites are suspended.

Click here to read the letter from Bishop Robert Vasa
Regarding Religious Education for Youth:

Due to concerns over the spreading of disease, Religious Education classes will be cancelled for
the next several weeks. We will be following the lead of Bishop Vasa and the local schools in this
matter for the safety of our children and our community,
so we do not know when we will resume.

We are committed to helping serve your children in their religious and sacramental preparation.  We
encourage families to spend this time working at home to help children learn their prayers, as well
as learn their faith from their families. As such, we recommend using to supplement
education at home. You can create a free account by signing in under our Cathedral, St. Eugene's in
Santa Rosa; these resources are bilingual.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kim Farrell at 707-442-2233.
All official Diocesan policy announcements will be posted as soon as promulgated,
on our Diocesan website 'press room' (see main page)
From..........Chris Lyford, Communications Director.of the Diocese of Santa Rosa...

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                                                          Mass on EWTN

As our nation and the world face the crisis surrounding COVID-19, many dioceses have taken the
extraordinary measure to cancel the celebration of public Masses and, in some cases, dispense the
faithful from their Sunday obligation. I would like to share with you the timely information below so that
you can inform the faithful in your diocese where they can access the Daily Mass (both LIVE and at
their convenience via video on demand), Lenten specials and other spiritual programs that will bring
them comfort.     


During this time, we wanted to remind you that EWTN broadcasts the Daily Mass LIVE at 5:00am PT
from Our Lady of the Angels Chapel on the EWTN campus in Irondale, Alabama. It is re-aired at 9:00
am PT and again at 4:00pm PT. You can watch via TV or online via streaming at

You can also listen to the Mass LIVE on the radio, SIRIUS/XM, or listen online at

If you missed the live stream, the entirety of the Daily Mass can be found on demand

To watch the Mass in Spanish, we are broadcasting the Mass that the Pope is celebrating every day at
8:00 am PT, and our Mass live from Our Lady of the Angels Chapel on the EWTN campus in Irondale,
Alabama at 5:00 am PT at:

Click here to find EWTN on your local cable/satellite provider or click here to find our radio schedule.
Tune in to Relevant Radio 1400 AM  or Click here.

Also available as a Podcast
The Knights of Columbus
would like to apologize for postponing our
Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner
Saturday, March 14 on short notice, but events moved too quickly for us to anticipate it any sooner.

We will reschedule it with plenty of notice and have the Pot O Green raffle drawing at that time.  
We look forward to having a wonderful dinner with our Parish Family at that time.

Mass at St. Bernard Parish
Sunday, March 14, 2020  
Celebrated by Fr. Rowell Gumlalay and Fr. Bernard D'Sa

Mass by Bishop Robert Vasa
Sunday, March 22, 2020
Cathedral of St. Eugene, Santa Rosa, CA
For those of you with Facebook connection:   
Fr. Bernard and Fr. Rowell are live streaming daily
Masses, Sunday Mass, Rosaries and Friday Stations
of the Cross. Check out Fr. Rowell's facebook page.
Rowell Gumalay   
(He has made it public, so you can all view. If there is difficulty, just send him a friend request.)

The Sunday Mass celebrated by Bishop Vasa will  be posted here as it becomes available.

Sunday Mass
March 29, 2020
with Fr. Bernard and Fr. Rowell
click here to view

Available to all with internet connection.
(No Facebook needed. )