First Communion Potluck

Congratulations to our First Holy Communicants Bernardo Freitas and Aurelia Fosnaugh! On Sunday, June 12 after the 10:30am Mass there will be a First Holy Communion Reception and Potluck in the Pinochi Room at St. Bernard Church. Please stop by to wish these young people well. Bring your favorite dish to share. If you have any questions please call Maria Freitas (707) 845-2273.

The following communicants also received this special sacrament for the first time Sunday, May 8th at St. Bernard Church and Sacred Heart Church:

Christian Lopez, Evanni Herrera, GersonMendoza, Junnar Escalante, Alison Escalante,Maggie Fresz, Aianna Valladares, Marco Valladares, Enrique Gonzalez, , Dayana Ramirez, Kenia Nieto-Vargas, Armani Montes-Valdovinos, Miguel Pozos-Gonzalez, Diego Moreno-Valencia, Katie Bazan-Bazan, Alexis Sanchez-Esparza, Haziel Rojas, Quetzalli Pozos-Gonzalez, Karen Moreno-Vargas, Aileen Martinez, Sofia Sierra, Violeta Sanchez-Gordillo, Isaias Ponce-Pimentel, Teresa Moctezuma-Vargas, Aldo Lopez-Tejeda, Itzayana Cervantes-Ramirez, Kevin Sanchez-Esparza and Bretsy Pozos-Carino

Please keep these young people and their families in your prayers. May they continue to grow in and be guided by God’s wisdom, love and strength madem anifestin their daily lives.

Prayer For First Holy Communion:

O Jesus, who hast loved us with such exceeding great love as to give us the ineffable gift of the Holy Eucharist, inflame us with a burning zeal to promote Thy glory by preparing worthily the children who are to approach Thy holy table for the first time. Protect, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, these young souls from the assaults of evil, strengthen their faith, increase their love and endow them with all the virtues that will make them worthy to receive Thee. Amen.

St. Bernard Parish
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