Confirmation Mass

We welcome our beloved Bishop Robert Vasa who will be presiding at the April 2nd Confirmation Mass at Sacred Heart Church at 2 pm. Special thanks to Deacon Dance Farrell for giving the March 19th Retreat for the Confirmands and conducting the Parent Meeting. Our thanks also go out to Sue Lehman and Maria Romo for their help with the retreat and parent meeting. We thank all the parents who attended the meeting, supporting their children’s spiritual growth, and to the children who attended the retreat. And many thanks to the Knights of Columbus for sponsoring pizza for the kids!** For Confirmation Information please contact Fr. Sudhakar Mannnam via email at

Our congratulations go out to the following confirmands who will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation:

Evan Alburo, Cruzamy Angon Gonzales, Daniel Angon-Soto, Karina January Barrera, Marvin R Barroso, Yajaira Cantu-Mendez, Delia Cantu-Mendez, Catarina Freitas, Amaya Gonzalez Sierra, Princesa Gutierrez, Madelis Martinez, Alan Moctezuma, Jose Daniel Murillio Suvia, Enrique Paz-Flores, Jayreen Petrus, Isidro Ponce Pimentel, Mikayla Dolores Pozos, Maria Guadalupe Posos, Yaretzi Itzayana Pozos, Dominick Oziel Pozos, Denise Marlen Pozos,Fidel Yedel Quintero Soto, Alez Kodi Aleki Quezada, Alejandra Ramirez-Peralta, Angel S Ramirez, Alexander Ramirez Miranda, Elias Julian Romo-Martinez,Adabelle Aleza Sierra, Ailyn Suvia, Dommy Terry, Dayuleen Tery, and Blue Waites.

Special thanks to the family members and teachers who assisted them on their journey. May you continue to be renewed in the fire of the Holy Spirit. May God protect you and yours from all evil and may you continue to grow inthewisdom, knowledge, counsel, fortitude, understanding, piety and fear of the Lord that complete and perfect you in virtue. May you lead many others to heaven.

St. Bernard Parish
615 H Street
Eureka, CA 95501