Fr. Bernard Christmas letter

Dear Beloved Parishioner,

Last Christmas was a unique one. It was an extraordinary journey which we all walked due to COVID-19. The pandemic protocols demanded that we have Religious Services outdoors. The Midnight Christmas Mass was offered under the tent and on the 25th , the gusty winds and rain blew away the tent, Christmas trees and decoration all over the place.

But nothing deterred us from celebrating the Lord’s birthday. I truly appreciate you for persevering during these trying moments, which is yet looming.
Social media became the only means to meet the spiritual needs by broadcasting Masses and Rosaries. I am excited that this year we can celebrate Christmas inside the church though with precautions.

Since the Christmas atmosphere is in the air, I was wracking my brain to choose a theme for my pastoral Christmas letter. The famous Christmas story of Della and Jim and their exchange of gifts popped in my mind. Unknowingly, Della sold her long beautiful hair to buy a strap to Jim’s gold watch and Jim had sold his watch to buy a gold pin to Della’s hair. It’s a heart moving story. (worth Goggling it). It speaks about true love and sacrifice.

Absolutely true, Christmas is the story of “GIFT GIVING”. It is in commemoration of the story of God the Father, giving His gift “HIS ONLY SON”. God manifested His ultimate Sacrificial Love with His Son’s offering. There cannot be a better expression of giving then this. Amen.

Let alone the kids, even the elders long for Christmas gifts. We do not stop at receiving, rather we reciprocate by giving in return. We give not because we have in abundance but like Della and Jim we give, out of love and sacrifice. It is a manifestation of putting the other person first.

Fr. Bernard D’Sa
Christmas 2021

St. Bernard Parish
615 H Street
Eureka, CA 95501