Eureka, California

St. Bernard Catholic Parish  
Eureka, California

Phone:  (707) 442-6466                                            Mail to: 615 H Street, Eureka, CA  95501                         Fax: (707) 443-0914

                St. Joseph Church
                                 Henderson and C Street, Eureka

    Saturday Vigil:  4:00 pm

    7:30 am (Note: This is a new time as of 9-6-14)

    7:30 am Tuesdays and Thursdays

    3:15 - 3:45 pm  Saturday

    Directions to St. Joseph Church

                                            Mass Intentions

    Prayer is not always words.  For centuries Catholics have extended their prayer by such things as leaving a
    candle burning at church that keeps vigil when we are not physically present.  We also have Mass said for our
    intentions—for someone living or dead, or,
    for ourselves.  Having Mass offered is a fitting gift.

    You may notice in the bulletin the list of persons who are remembered in a special way during the Masses of the
    week.  This is a meaningful way to remember someone who has died, or to pray for the living.  

    Many people offer Mass on someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation or other significant occasion
    as well as remembering those who have died and gone before us .Mass also is offered for persons who are sick
    or in other need for special prayer.

    The usual offering for a Mass is $10. This is a  donation, as there is no actual charge for a Mass.

    If you would like a Mass offered for someone, please call the parish office,
    707-442-6466 to reserve the date of your choice.
                St. Bernard Church
                 6th and H Street, Eureka

    10:30 AM  (Note: This is a new time as of 9-6-14)
        (7:00 PM permanently canceled.) A Sunday
    evening Mass is provided through the Newman
    Center in Arcata.

    M-W-F: 12:15 pm
                               Holy Days: 5:30 PM Vigil

                 St.Joseph Hospital
                                              2700 Dolbeer St, Eureka.

    The priests of St. Bernard Parish are also chaplains at St. Joseph

    Mass is celebrated at the hospital chapel Tuesdays and
    Thursdays at 11:30 am.

    Note: The hospital chapel is located at the south end of the
    'original wing' of the hospital. Enter through the main lobby
    located in the new wing.